Long Time Coming

Thanks so much for stopping by my newest blog. I have always had a passion for photography and I have finally decided to take this love to the next level. I am not quite ready to jump head first into a website per say but I thought this blogspot would showcase what many friends call my "talent" and put my name out there for any people interested in my work. Hope you enjoy what you see and contact me if you would like to set up an appointment!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back to Blogger

So as you can see from the pics this wedding was fabulous. I dont do many weddings but I am so glad I did this one. Erin and Justin are by far the sweetest couple I have ever met ( did I mention how totally in LOVE with eachother they are). The day couldnt have been any better, well maybe the bugs could have gone away but I think we were all just thankful it didnt rain since the weather was predicted to be not so great.
I cannot wait to go through all there pics and get to editing (yeah I used 3 WHOLE memory sticks lol).
More to come soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Website is up!

Still some things that will need some adjusting but check out my new website here add it to your blogs you follow so you wont have to enter the url all the time, its way long and I am trying to get it to be boussonphotography.com but that may take a bit :) Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Changes are a coming

So I am ready to gear up and get ready to start blogging about photo season 2011. Last weeks weather has me in aphoto frenzy and I am ready to get out there and capture lifes little moments for all those interested! I have a few things in mind for the upcoming months. Weekends are booking fast so if you are interested in a session email me at boussonphotography@ yahoo.com. I am also thinking about doing mini sessions the morning of april 19th location tba so keep an eye out for details on this event.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Mini Sessions

Christmas Minis Sessions are here. I had such a great turn out for my first ever mini sessions last month that I decided to do one more before the weather did us in. Its November 27th and the location is to be determined. Pics will be edited that weekend and ready for pick up by the beginning of the week so you can get your Christmas cards out! Email me at boussonphotography to book a time slot!

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Email

Hey everyone just wanted to let anyone interested in getting information about sessions know that I put together a new email to be contacted at. Its Boussonphotography@yahoo.com. Trying to keep up with facebook, word of mouth and my personal email is starting to get the best of me and with this new email address i hope to consolidate all photo inquiries which in return will help with email response time and session scheduling. I can no longer guarantee a timely response if I am texted, facebook'ed or emailed at my personal address.Thanks so much in advance for your understanding.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out of Office

Yeah so I must apologize bc I am way better at updating facebook than this blog. I have been crazy busy with sessions lately and I am afraid I am to far behind to even try to catch up (with bloggers lack of speed in the picture department I would be here for years) so I wont but they are all avaiable to view on facebook on the Boussonphotography page. I will however resume my post with such a wonderful announcment and some pics too. As of last saturday I officially have my first wedding behind me! Yup thats right I photographed a wedding and survuved ans since then I have had 2 inquiries for future weddings. I would love to say yes right off the bat but i am still a little hesitant I mean weddings are a HUGE deal you know like a ONCE in a lifetime thing (yeah I understand thats not necessarily the case for some but you get my drift). What I am saying is that my motto has always been that this is something I love that I feel God gave me to share with others. With portrait sessions I can always "re-shoot" if they dont turn out, I mean I would probably never get called to do their family pictures anymore but atleast I know I delivered a great product/service. With a wedding its a little different as in you only get one shot so DONT screw it up! This is the part that makes me nervous. All I can do is continue to go strong and take pics often and LEARN all those manual settings ( I shoot in manual but I often find myself in aperture priority with my f/stop wide open...not ideal in most people eyes but i love it) For this wedding shoot I made sure to jump out of the box and try my hand at full onmanual I think i did good but i did become quick with my left hand switching into av mode to get the same shot i got in manual ( cant lode good shots in effort to learn hehe) Well enough technical talk the couple I had the pleasure of photographing was Mary & Will. Another client gave them my info and the rest was history :) They were so fun and carefree and so in LOVE it was oozing from every pore ( and talk about infectious attitudes I was in such a great mood after shooting their pics) We did a "wedding shoot" at Overton Park a few days before the ceremony and it went awesome and then saturday I drove down to Nesbit MS to photograph the wedding. It was a great day and a great shoot and I cant wait to get all the pics edited and sent to the happy couple. Other than the wedding I have been shooting famly and newborn photos, getting ready for my mini session coming up and scheduling a lot of fall family photos. More posts to come promise :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mini-Sessions are HERE!

This is the first ever Bousson Photography Mini Session
After posting a question on facebook if anyone would be interested in some fall mini sessions
I was AMAZED by the overwhelming response I recieved so what the people want the people will get! Above is an advertisement for the first session. The time frame will allow for 10-12 sessions to be booked (first come first serve). These are meant to be fun fast sessions to get a few great shots of the family without the cost/time of a full session. Each session will include a cd of 5 images from the shoot for reprinting purposes ( great for Christmas Cards etc.) . I am even going to try and put together a few Christmas Card templates if possible for those interested for a 5.00 fee ( you pick out template you like and picture you want used then i upload the card onto your cd and you just print!) I am starting with October 2nd but i will also have a session the following weekend as well, same time. At this point I do not know what my work schedule is and that will dictate wether the second session is saturday or sunday. If these book as fast as I got interest in them then I will look into doing this again in early November. Please e-mail at cassiebousson@yahoo.com to book a time (8:30,8:45,9:00...etc the last session will be scheduled for 11:30) also email me if the following weekend works better for you and I will contact you when the date is set. AGAIN please email me No Facebook Messages Please! Most times I dont mind checking multiple places but since i had so much interest in these mini sessions i want to make sure all requests are through email so i can keep up with them and accomodate as many clients as possible. Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting and snapping photos of you :)